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Signature Portrait Photography--Guillermo Sosa

Member of the Texas Professional Photographers Association


Signature Portrait Photography offers the best in professional wedding photography. Based in South Texas,  we are passionately committed to fully telling the story of your wedding day through beautiful, artistic and tasteful photography. 

The images created by Signature Portrait Photography are unfailingly natural, romantic and timeless. Guillermo works tiredlessly on your wedding day to capture the laughter, details, emotions, the wonderful, crazy excitement - those unscripted and often fleeting moments, that make each wedding unique and which will ultimately make the memories come alive again and again for years to come. 

While the focus is on capturing the excitement and emotions of your wedding day, timeless portraits of yourselves, the bridal party and your families will also be created. It is important to make people feel relaxed in front of the camera and to make the portraits a fun part of the day. 

To arrange a meeting to discuss your wedding day or special event, please call (956) 285-0874. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

 Guillermo Sosa, Professional Photographer

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