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History of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has been a vital part of the bid wedding day of modern day couples. Those who are soon to be married are willing to invest their money on wedding photography to capture the moments of their wedding day and also because it has been part of wedding traditions around the world. But it is not a new phenomenon, even couples from centuries ago loved to have their wedding pictures taken.

Wedding photography first made its breakthrough during the 1840s around the time when the first camera was invented and the industrial revolution began. Before they came to existence, rich couples only have their pictures painted by artists to show sentiment to their partners. But the breakthrough of the camera gave ordinary couples the opportunity to also cherish their wedding day by the use of pictures.

Only after 20 years did couples start posing for pictures in their wedding attires. Before the 1860s, they just picked out the clothes they want to wear for their wedding picture except the attire they will wear on their wedding. This was also the beginning of the time when brides started hiring photographers to come to the church where they would get married to take formal pictures.

Colored wedding pictures were not invented until the next 50 years. It used to be expensive and unreliable but was chosen by couples who have the money to invest on it. The development of the film roll, flash and lighting during wedding photography was what changed the whole concept of wedding photography. This was also the start of the period when wedding receptions and the ceremony were taken shots of. Compared to the old photography concept, not only the bride and grooms are the ones taken pictures of but also family members and guests.

Today, modern photography doesn’t require much effort from the wedding photographer due to the inclusion of the photojournalism style in the concepts of wedding photography. The couple isn’t required to pose for pictures and neither are the guests. They pictures are simply taken while the moment unfolds itself. The instances where they are required to pose for the pictures are very minimal compared to the traditional style. Modern wedding photography also implements the use of editing software and other factors like change in lighting, fine arts and many more. Over the years, wedding photography has improved but remained a tradition during wedding days.

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